Press Clips

(Step Into Home Act I, 2007)


Radar Music Review (Missouri, USA) January 13th, 2009:  “Below Jupiter resides somewhere in Cleveland, Ohio. I say “somewhere” because they came out of nowhere and hit me like a ton of bricks when I was visiting their fair town. Political Robots is the first track on their album entitled ‘Step Into Home (Act 1)’ and strikes me as something Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) and John Lennon would create if both were commissioned to write a score for a chase scene, if only Lennon were still alive and Tweedy could play piano as well as Singer/Pianist Josh Emmet (born James Greiner). Paired with a superb rhythm section, Below Jupiter will reinvent what you thought about energetic piano rock.” July 2, 2008 : “They’re all over the road, and that’s a good thing. If you’re looking for something eclectic and very much unique in vibe and presentation, then you’ve gotta get your hands on Below Jupiter’s debut disc…the well-crafted melodic songs and dramatic elements really grab the listener…This is one of the better efforts to come out of C-Town(Cleveland) in ages…Piano-based rock, jazz, blues, folk and gospel never sounded so good. Or weird.” – Peter Chakerian

Cleveland Free Times, January 15, 2008 : Too bad whoever put together the terrific soundtrack to the coming-of-age film Juno wasn’t hip to Below Jupiter. Otherwise they might have chosen a track off this lo-fi effort from the group.” – Jeff Niesel

Lowcut Magazine (Denmark) May 16, 2008 : “Sometimes I get really surprised about new music. This record is one of those very nice surprises.” – Tomsen

(Step Into Home Act II,2009)

Scene Magazine, April 28th, 2009:  “All 12 of these new tunes retain the band’s lo-fi production values, with the added benefit of Emmet (born James Greiner) creating awesomely clever melodies all over his magical keys.” – Keith Gribbins

Aural-Innovations, October 2009 :”This is well worth tracking down.” -Scott Heller

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